The New 100th Jubilee Issue of the Magazine“Glas”

A double issue of“Glas” (Voice)forJuly and August 2019 is published and distributed to the users in country and abroad.

You have, before you, a word from the editress, as well as the overview of the contents for this issue of our and your “Glas”.

A word from the editress,

Dear readers,

Month after month, year after year,the editorial board of “Glas” arranges for you stories from culture, arts and, along with that, from other relevant areas of life. There are eight years of patient selection of valuable contents behind us and a jubilee, one hundredth issue of the Magazine before you. Truth be told, it is a double issue for July and August, as we have practiced in all these years. Listening to the wishes of our faithful readers, whose number keeps rising, we are trying to place, in the well set frames, all of the relevant, interesting, educative, timeless, the contents that you can always go back to. How much we succeed in that – you are the best judges of. And all your lauds or suggestionshave been our guidelines for modelling and selectionof texts and audio contributions. In time, we have innovated seven sections, complemented them with new contentsfollowing the modern trends but, also, turning back to timeless values from all areas of cultural milieu.

As usual for the double issue, it is richer in reports in all its sections. In the first one, besides the news from the Library, we published the interview with our institution’s directorBožidarDendaon the occasion of the day of opening the Library and a jubilee of “Glas”. The section dedicated to literature brings unforgettable verses of Desanka Maksimović [DehsankaMaximovich] and Branislav Petrović [Branislav Petrovich] as interpreted by the author. We also recommend the interview with a famous literate Antonije Isaković [Antoniyeh E-sarkovich]. We believe that the lovers of music and theatre will enjoy in the tangling of the two sections with “How to listen to the music in the theatre”. Beside the contents from culture that marked the summer festivals in Montenegro, those dedicated to scientific achievements and to natural catastrophes, as well, you will, also, find a story about one of the biggest loves of the 20th century. Beside the regular sections, there are some new ones dedicated to philosophy and religion.

Although the jubilees, such as that of the on hundredth issue of a magazine, are the moment to remember what had been done in the previous years, we remain dedicated to further work and open for your ever benevolent critics and suggestions. We take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Culture for recognising the relevance of “Glas” from its first issue and financially supporting it year after year, which is a precondition of its regular publication.    Sincerely yours,the editorial board of the Magazine…

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