The New 98 thIssue of the Magazine “Glas” for May 2019

The Magazine “Glas” (Voice) formaj 2019 is published and distributed to the users in country and abroad.

You have, before you, a word from the editress, as well as the overview of the contents for this issue of our and your “Glas”.

A word from the editress,

Dear readers,

The editorial staff of the Magazine “Glas”has prepared the May issue. Just like the last one, this Magazine keeps records ofrich activity of our Library in publishing, artistic programme, participation in conferences and workshops, donations, regional visits, exchange of books. 

What remains after love and if anything remains? These are the questions MomoKapor[MohmoKahpor]answers in a master way.We have selected these exact verses from the film shot in 1984 for this occasion. Borges’s“Personal Anthology”and inevitable criticism are our selection for the second section. In the section related to theatre critics and dramatic texts, we bring you a drama by Milovan Glišić [MilovahnGleeshich]“Glavašećera” [glahvashecherah] (sugarloaf). You can also find there theatre critics by Veselin Radunović [Veselin Raddunovich], and in the section “Philosophy”, sequels of books already started wait for you. The most relevant artistic eventsfrom various areas were recorded in the fifth section.There you can find out why people have given up mission to Mars.

Our recommendation is also the lecture by the Protopriest Predrag Šćepanović[PrehdragShtchepahnovich]about the power of healing ofSaint Vasilije Ostroški [VassilyehOstroshky] (St. Basil of Ostrog). You can find, in his oration,lessons about a more meaningful life in the world, patience and satisfaction.

Many more interesting reports wait for you, therefore, we have no doubt that, in the days to come, you will take part of your time for you and “Glas”.

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