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The New 105 thIssue of the Magazine “Glas” for December 2019

The Magazine “Glas” (Voice) for December 2019 is published and distributed to the users in country and abroad.

You have, before you, a word from the editress, as well as the overview of the contents for this issue of our and your “Glas”.

A word from the editress,

Dear readers,

Shortly before the New Year and Christmas holidays, we have prepared one more issue of the Magazine “Glas”, the last one in this year. It was a year marked with rich activities in our Library in recording and printing books, two magazines and many programmes that made our institution recognised as a true house of culture, art and education. The readers of “Glas” have been informed about in the magazine about all the relevant things. In the year behind us, we have observed a significant jubilee – 100th issue of the Magazine, and became included in the stage of the European culture heritage. All of that binds us to justify the trust of our users in the years to come.We believe that we mainly do it with our magazine. The issue that we have arranged takes you once more to the world of Poetry, prose, selected tones, philosophy, religion, and in some other fields that may become a subject of your interest.

We will remind you of one of the Russian greatest writers Konstantin Simonov. Our selection for this issue is his remarkable poem“Wait for me and I’ll come back”. Homer’sworld of artistic music takes us to the creative opus of the composer Gustav Holst, and we believe that you will also enjoy in the “Tempest”, a drama work byWilliam Shakespeare. As usual, December is a month in which important acknowledgements are being awarded. It has been like that this year, too.We will inform you about that in the section – Culture in the press.

Religionand philosophy bring us once again stories about striving for and methods of acquiringhumility, as well as explanation of the essential determinant of fast and prayer.

The magazine's editorial wishes happy upcoming holidays to all its readers.

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