Monday, 07 October 2019 10:04

New Adapted Film in Our Library

The screening of the domestic film “Ljepotaporoka” [l'yepotaporroka] (the beauty of vice) upon the screenplay and directed by Živko Nikolić [ZhivkorNikolich], in an adapted version for our users, will be held in the hall of the Montenegro State Lending Library for the Blind onWednesday, 09thOctober, beginning at 19 h.

Interactive adaptation of the film will be performed live by our associate Igor Tomić [Tommeech].


About the film:

In the backward villages of Montenegrin karst, there is a custom of a husband murdering his unfaithful wife by hitting a sledge hammer to her head through a round bread. A young married couple, vowed to faithfulness, lives in such an environment. They live poorly and gladly accept the invitation of a man, who had gone for easy money on the coast, to follow his example.He gets a job at a saltern, and she works as a maid at a nudist camp. Traditionally educated, she is horrified by nudity, especially when she tidies up an apartment of two young strangers amused by her confusion. With their encouragement, she gradually releases her sensuality restrainedwith tradition.

This comedy clearly shows the mentality of people that live so close to the civilisation, yet so far from it.

Starring: Milutin Mima Karadžić [Milutin Mima Kara-jich], Mira Furlan [Me-rah Foorlahn], Petar Božović [PettahrBozhovich], Mira Banjac [Me-rah Baniats] and many other.

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